First, start preparing yourself with these 5 simple steps:

1 - Schedule a fixed time slot each day for your workout and commit to it.
2 - Get your workout #ootd on.
3 - Prepare a workout space at your home using a yoga mattress.
4 - Warm up by doing some stretches or a short outdoor run.
5 - Finally, have a visual workout routine in front of you, using CLCKR to place your phone into stand mode.

Now, you are ready to work out!

Day 1

2 rounds - each on time
Beginners do 1 round
Break for 5 minutes between rounds
60 fast knee lifts
50 mountain climbers
40 sit-ups
30 jumping lunges
20 burpees
10 push-ups

Day 2
Rotate between A-B-C 2x
4 minutes per workout
2 minutes between rounds
*Pro-tip: Use your phone as a visual timer. CLCKR helps you place your phone in stand mode.

10 jump squats
10 push-ups
10 step-up with knee raise (you can use a chair)

2 minutes break

15 forward lunges
15 jumping jacks
15 naked burpees

2 minutes break

20 leg raises
20 up-down plank
20 side lunges

Day 3

Go out for a 30-45 minute run, slow pace jog or fast pace walk.
*Pro-tip: With CLCKR you can securely hold onto your phone knowing it’s safe in your hands while you walk, jog or run as the CLCKR strap doubles up as a grip.


Day 4
Core work-out
3 rounds without a break
*Try up to 10 reps if you can.

10 bicycle crunches
10 sit-ups
30-second planks
10 hollow body
30-second hollow body hold

2-minute break

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) Leg work out - 20 min

40 air squats
40 backward lunges (20 on each leg)
40 side-to-side lunges (20 on each leg)
40-sec wall sit
40 split squats (20 on each leg)
20 leg extensions (10 on each leg)
20 side leg extensions (10 on each leg)

Day 5
Partner workout: Change things up and do this workout with a friend! Facetime your partner, place your phone in a stand mode using CLCKR and you can easily workout together.
You do one round while your partner rests and then you switch.

3 rounds of:
40 ski jumps
20 bicycle crunch
10 burpees

*2-minute break

3 rounds of:
40 mountain climbers
20 air squats w/ sidekick
10 push-ups

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