6 ways to reorganize your home office

6 ways to reorganize your home office


Comfortable chair

First and foremost, pay close attention to what you are sitting on and whether it is doing your body any good. A comfortable chair is of course a lifesaver in any office. It is best to invest in a good office chair that has the qualities to help you sit properly, such as adjustability, back support and lumbar support.

Good lighting

Make sure you have sufficient lighting in your home office and avoid too harsh lighting or dim lighting as it can cause headaches. A work environment with access to natural lighting is proven to benefit you in many ways, from improving your productivity and well-being to keeping you more awake and alert. We wouldn’t mind receiving those benefits on a busy day at work!

Add another screen

Having another screen by your laptop or desktop computer might be practical when working from home as it can help you be productive and multitask. If you don’t have a monitor in your office or if you are moving around a lot, you can easily use your mobile device as another screen with the help of CLCKR! Simply turn your CLCKR upright into portrait mode next to your computer and voila! You have got another screen to do video calls with your colleagues, view documents or for easy scrolling!

Clean and simple

Keeping your desk clean and simple does not only make you feel more calm and organized but it can improve your productivity. Achieve this by only placing essential items on your desk while placing other items in drawers, paper holders, storage baskets and boxes. You know what they say... “Tidy desk, tidy mind!”

Add decoration

To make your home office environment a more enjoyable place to work in, we recommend surrounding yourself with beautiful items and decorations! For example, adding an indoor plant or a flower on your desk can keep the air fresh and improve your well-being. Wall decor can also make you feel good and inspired, like adding artwork, inspiring quotes or pictures of friends and family. That sounds like a dream office for sure!

Have a way to track time

Are we not all looking for a way to boost our productivity during work hours? The key is to take proper breaks! Taking frequent breaks throughout the day is not only proven to increase your productivity but also important for your mental wellbeing. You will do some of your best work by standing up from your desk to move around every 30-60 minutes. Having a time tracker right in front of you can encourage you to make efficient work breaks. You can use your phone to track and monitor the time properly by placing it upright on your desk with the help of CLCKR. Just make sure to turn off all unnecessary disruptions!
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